Your body needs its own yoga.

This is a topic I touch down a lot in my classes and its something I am very passionate about.

As cliche as its sounds we are all so different anatomically, physiologically & spiritually.

Our hormones dictate a lot how we live our lives as well and our personalities dictate if we are go-go / achieve kind of style or more placid style of human.

Nothing wrong with either.

Today I want to touch down on the anatomical part of this as it is the main concern of most of my students , the unhappiness this practice brings to some of them as they are not happy with the limits their bodies puts on them in particular poses.

Here is the amazing thing about our bodies ;YOUR BODY IT TALKS TO YOU.

If something isn't right you will know , it will start with a whisper so quieting your mind and listening will allow you to spot it before its to late.

Makes any sense?

A yoga practice should be modified to your own necessity not the opposite way.

You shouldn't mould yourself around a style of yoga class.

there is always a modification of the full pose and guess what?

That is your pose, whatever you need to help your body ,whether that is a chair, blocks, shorter holds, longer holds, a million child poses...the wall ...sitting on 5 cushions .

That is your practice as if you ever compare your body to someone else you will be seriously in trouble as that person may have a extra vertebra in her lumbar and that's by he/she can get into that wheel or maybe they have longer arms and they can bind easier.

Maybe they are super flexible but did you know they have been doing gymnastics all their childhood?

You cannot know what other peoples lives are like and even less how their bone structure is like.

The same way as no one can know better what your body needs apart from YOU.

DON ' T get me wrong; do get advice from your teacher but at the end of the day they can only advice as you know best how it feels to be in your body.

Never ever do something that feels wrong just because everyone else is doing it.

When I practice I ask myself what is the purpose of my practice today, do I want to have fun ?do I want to strengthen my core, open my chest or relive pain in my back?

I ask myself this questions and I listen to how my body feels.

If my back is tight I throw myself on the mat and lengthen to feel good ....when I feel tension free then I work on my core to protect my back.

I started to enjoy my practice the most the moment I lost any expectation of how my body should look in a shape.When I focused on how the pose felt then it became a bliss.

Embody a pose, use your breath and feel it instead of making a shape.

And always make sure to practice with a teacher that is dedicated to teaching yoga for the person that shows up for them in the class with all the nibs and pains .

Listen to your body and if something is bordering your for longer then a week or two go to a good physio and get down to the root so you can deal with whatever needs to be dealt and work around it and for it.

Thank you for reading and if you felt related let me know:)



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