Is yoga going to fix my BACK pain?!!

I want to keep this as simple as possible so I will keep it short.

The honest answer is : I DO NOT KNOW.

There is so many reason one can suffer back pain.

It can have nothing to do with your back or maybe it is only about your back.

It can be a bulged / herniated discs , arthritis on the spine, back muscle tightness , weak gluts or non of those at all.

It could be your hips, the way you stand, stress etc…endless options.

Do You have back pain for a day or two ? thats ok maybe you need a nice stretch.

Do you feel back pain every day for the last 2 weeks,2 months or even 2 years?

Tying your shoelaces is an issue or you keep saying ; ‘OH I HAVE A BAD BACK’

Then you should definitely skip that yoga class and instead find a physio / personal trainer that has an expertise on back injury and recovery.

Chances are that more then stretching you need to work on stability and core strengthening.

I say 1 in every 3 students comes to my class saying ‘I was told yoga is good to relieve back pain.’ Or “I have had back pain for 10-15 years ‘

And when I asked them if they know why is their back sore or did they ever went to a physio / doctor .

Most of them haven’t gone and honestly admit that they are not planning in getting it checked.

Typical Irish answer ‘Sure , I will be grand after a stretch’

Choosing to pop into a yoga class and hoping that the pain will go away , opting for the easy option.

Going to a physio or working with a trainer in a one to one basis takes a lot of commitment (time and money).

In my experience nothing is more important then your spine’s health as burned out this quote may be it is so true

‘You are only as young as your spine”

I personally try to give a very balanced yoga class. As I have personal experience in this topic.

We work on stability and mobility more then stretching ….but still one hour with me weekly wont make whatever is going on in your back go away .

It would be great for me to tell you


but I wouldn’t be honest BECAUSE as much as I would like to melt that pain away with a lovely flow I wont get to the root of it.

And only by fixing and working around that root will you be able to live a pain free life.

Go to your yoga teacher with a diagnosis from your physio / doctor and then your yoga teacher can work together with that

Work on learning the why’s of the pain and deal with it .

Patience & Consistency are key in your healing process.

Happy spine /Happy life


Maria Josefina



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